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The total price depends on the version type: The full version (with 5 additional workplaces) costs $299, standalone dealer (full version without additional workplace) - $149, and the trial version (one workplace, two months limit) costs $99. Setting up your copy of the application (which includes adding one profile system, all necessary data, price lists, and so on) costs $95. Actually, most users can set up the application on their own, because it’s so easy!

Version differences

Full version. Includes one copy of the application with Windows-Doors Configurator (data editor) and Windows-Doors Dealer, and up to 5 copies of dealer workplace (only Windows-Doors Dealer). The license is not limited in time, so you can use the application as long as you want to. The full version costs $299.

Standalone dealer. Includes one copy of the application with Windows-Doors Configurator (data editor) and one copy of Windows-Doors Dealer. The license is not limited in time, so you can use the application as long as you want to. This version costs $149.

Trial version. Its only difference from the full version is that the trial version works only on one computer, and only for 2 months; otherwise, it is as complete as the full version. The trial version includes one copy of Windows-Doors Configurator and one copy of Windows-Doors Dealer. The trial version costs $99. If you like it, you can upgrade to the full version with a discount of $50, so the full version will cost you only $249.

Additional dealer workplace. Usually you buy additional dealer workplaces in two cases: If you need more than the 5 copies included in the full version, or if your dealers are separate legal entities. In the latter case, your dealers can install copies of the dealer software with your database. If you buy fewer than 10 additional copies of Windows-Doors dealer workplaces, each of them will cost you $49; if you buy 10 or more copies, each one will cost you $39 (you save $100).


There are one methods of payment for Windows-Doors, via PayPal.

Buy now Full release of Windows-Doors (included 5 dealer workplaces), $299 -
Buy now Standalone dealer release of Windows-Doors (one installation), $149 -
Buy now Trial release of Windows-Doors (one installation, 2 months limit), $99 -

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After receiving your payment, I will send you an e-mail with a link to your copy of Windows-Doors. After installing the application, send me a request for the license. Then I will generate your license key and send it to you.

Each time you install the application, you will need a license key.


If you buy a license for Windows-Doors, you are entitled to free updates within the limits of your major version: the digit(s) before the first dot in the version number. For example, if your version of Windows-Doors is 3.xx, you can download and install any versions starting with “3” for free. The only disadvantage is that sometimes the structure of application data is changed in the next update; if that happens, you can migrate to the next version using one of these options:

  • Uninstall the previous version and install the new one, with the loss of your data.
  • First save the previous version’s data (save the orders separately, using the standard tools; save the settings and price lists by exporting or copying them to Excel worksheets). After installing the new version of Windows-Doors, import your data into the application.
  • Order a conversion of your database to the new version’s format. After the conversion, you can install the new version of Windows-Doors and start working with the converted database. Unlike the other two options, this one is a paid service.

A change of the digit(s) before the first dot in the version number means a major version update. If you purchased the previous version less than six months before the major version update, you can upgrade to the new version for free; if your purchase was six or more months before the release of the new major version, you are entitled to a 30 percent discount when upgrading to the latter.


If you buy the full version or the trial version, you will be entitled to free technical support during the first 6 months after the purchase. To extend the period of technical support, please use the form below. Actually, setting up and operating Windows-Doors is easy enough, so in most cases there is no need for technical support.