Windows-Doors - the program for windows, doors, balconies estimating

Windows-Doors: main window

Windows-Doors is an application that lets you estimate an order of windows, doors, or balconies in a couple of minutes. There are a number of profile systems, additional components, and accessories, as well as various installation and delivery options.

The application is specially optimized to make the manager’s work more efficient. Windows-Doors offers you a selection of templates, the product designer, and a selection of accessories, all conveniently located within one screen.

Windows-Doors’ user-friendly interface reduces the requirements to the personnel’s technical skills. Its simplicity of use also means fewer data input errors and fewer calculation errors.

Windows-Doors automatically generates all required documents, which can be edited: the contract, the annex to the contract with sketches of products, the offer, the production order, and the list of materials. Though the application is designed for use by dealers, it can also be used by small-scale manufacturers.

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With Windows-Doors, you can work more with customers, and less with the computer.

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Five reasons to try Windows-Doors

  • Easy to master

    If you are a novice user, you can use the demo version to learn about Windows-Doors’ main features. To master the application, read the Help. Usually you can start using Windows-Doors for practical purposes in only a few minutes.

  • Quick calculation of orders

    Windows-Doors offers two quick calculation methods: using the default values, and copying the existing orders. The first method lets you save standard products (with all parameters and accessories) for adding to a new order. The second method lets you copy an entire standard order (for example, from a standard house) to a new order.

  • One simple application is better than five complex ones

    Do you use lots of applications to calculate windows, doors, and balconies for each of your suppliers? If your answer is “yes,” try using only Windows-Doors instead. All you need to do, is to load the data from all suppliers into this application. Then think again if you need all other applications.

  • More time for customers

    Using Windows-Doors, you can calculate the order price during a brief conversation with the customer, either in person or by phone. It means that you can complete more orders in less time.

  • Start using Windows-Doors now!

    Any computer user can fully set up the application for practical operation in a few hours. After that, the manager can start taking orders.


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