Windows-Doors 5: how do you estimating?

The new Windows-Doors 5, is not just an another revision of the program, it is a program fully rewritten on another platform, with other features.

Here are some of them:

  1. Designer's capabilities
    1. Designing arbitrary products (polygons, triangles, trapezoids, arches and, of course, rectangles too)
    2. Designing multi-frame carcase with a connecting profiles of different thicknesses.
    3. A rich library of product templates with the ability to save several default parameters for each template
  2. Working with orders
    1. Search and selection for optimal estimating solution for a offer cost
    2. Using a windows and doors from different manufacturers in one offers
    3. Applying an additional components (or set of components) from a different suppliers to any product of an order
    4. Flexible selection a work options (wide range type of installation)
    5. Automatic calculation a components set for a windows and doors installation
    6. Large orders library with a typical orders with searching by address and tags
  3. Preparation for a work, updating prices and approve sizes
    1. Creating a fairly accurate estimating base for all windows and doors, by prices of several simply products of different sizes from each manufacturer
    2. Automatic upload of a new price list for components from a supplier and updating of prices
    3. Background updating of a price and assortment on the your workplaces and smartphones of your employees.
    4. Automatic order sending to the main office from the workplaces, synchronization between workplaces and smartphones of your employees (updating and editing orders, approving sizes and configuration from place of installation).
  4. Cross-platform
    1. Windows: end of 2021
    2. MacOS: February 2022
    3. Android: March 2022
    4. iOS: May 2022
    5. web: October 2022

You can estimating an order with products from several manufacturers (and self-made ones too) in a couple of minutes, with additional equipment and work. On any device.

You can put a web calculator for the your website, forget about separately price update.

Until November 25, 2021, there are special conditions for the transition from Window-Door 3 to Window-Door 5.

Write to the mail or WhatsApp +7 (961) 126-12-70,

Sincerely, the Window-Door team, November, 2021.